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It is common knowledge that having a site is not enough. You need to promote it so that it can be found, otherwise it will be useless. We can help you to reach this goal at affordable prices.

We can even promote your services and products in exchange for a commission; in other words, you only pay if your service or product is sold. Please bear in mind that you will have to track the sales that come from us. We cannot do this for you.

If your site is Google-free, you may like to submit it to the directory. You only need to find the proper category for your site, and you will see a link that says Add URL. Google's followers will have to make a one-time contribution of at least 5 euros to have their site listed. They will be given 1 credit per euro.

The resources are ordered by credits, that is, depending on the credits you have, your resource will be positioned inside a category. One credit costs one euro. You may buy as many as you wish, but not fewer than 5. Please notice that the word 'yes' is shown instead of the number of credits. The listings in the categories have direct and indirect links. When a website has credits, the link is direct; otherwise, indirect. Credits do not expire.

In addition, we offer sponsored adverts, which are displayed above the resources in the category or categories of your choice, and you can pay according to the clicks received, or 2 euros a month per link (direct or indirect). This also applies to and (phrases and link directory).

Furthermore, you can buy clicks or rotating ads. More information at and

We also offer a direct link of two or three words on any of our six sites at affordable prices. Prices will depend on the position, and on the web page that you choose. See Static Adverts for additional details.

Please note that this is not a link exchange service. If you link to us, and would like a link back, it will be placed at in the proper category.

Feel free to make any comments or suggestions.

Last but not least, thank you very much for visiting us.



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