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The Big Brother, Mr Google



Nobody can deny that the more competitors there are, the more advantageous to the ordinary people it is. When there is no competition, everybody has to toe the line, or else they will have to face the consequences.

A case in point is Mr Google, who has become the most powerful enterprise on the Internet, and a big brother. He is very greedy, and does not like competition. He is a sort of god: He is watching / tracking us everywhere. He is the law, and most webmasters and companies fear him, or blindly follow his demands. They do not even question his behaviour because they know he is the boss.

Fortunately, all is not lost if we stop using his services and products. However, we must act now: time is running short. He is expanding very fast, and obtaining new allies, such as Firefox.

You will find a few examples of his power below:

One day he decided that nobody could buy adverts on other websites. He also made a list of the websites he did not like, and told his users to avoid them. His users could also disavow links of theirs that they had submitted to directories for free. Sites that failed to obey could be penalized.

But this is not all. He has gone even further. If a website links to another website, and later on he considers the latter a bad site, the former site will be considered a bad site too. This means that anyone that uses his products or services will not have access to either site. He says that this is to increase security. He lies.

He has attacked several times unfairly. The crime is always the same: One of the sites listed in the directory becomes an 'attack page', according to him; and those visitors who use Chrome and Firefox will see the image below instead of Is it not a dirty trick?

Your site could be the next one


The site attacked by Google is also displayed in his searches along with a message informing the user that it is harmful to his/her computer. It is not true, but he wants to ruin the reputation of that site, and show who is the boss. He will not allow his users to visit it, but he displays it. See the image below:

Your site could be the next one


Those who do not have a website may be wondering how it can affect them. Well, most websites use his 'analytics' and other services of his, which means that he is tracking you in the background. He knows more about each of us than we have ever imagined, and information is power.

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Vote to break up Google: data leaks, illegal location tracking, human rights violations, privacy violations, and so on. Click here for further information.

BBC News: Google has been accused of flouting European data protection laws when it tracks users' locations.


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